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Your website is more than just a brochure, it’s your digital storefront and it’s meant to inspire action. You want your website to have a positive ROI. With clean and intuitive UI/UX design and responsive compatibility, you’ll see more completed purchases, higher average order value and improved ROI. 

We offer several e/mCommerce solutions, but the one that we use most frequently, is WooCommerce. WooCommerce is very powerful and very flexible, and ties into WordPress CMS.

WooCommerce can accommodate any item(s) that you’re selling from a single item, item(s) with variations such as clothes with sizes and colors to choose from, to digital downloads.

We can set your website up with WooCommerce and integrate all of your customer orders (or just site visitors) with MailChimp for you to maintain a monthly newsletter to retain customers and keep them coming back. All websites we develop come complete with an SSL certificate installed to show your website is a secure website. 

To have a positive eCommerce and mCommerce website, you need some simple ingredients to make it happen. 

Content Management

What’s the story behind you company and your product? Why should someone buy from you versus your competitor? You want blog entries, news articles and testimonials that tell the story behind what you’re selling. 

With an intuitive CMS you can easily make that happen. 

Promotions & Discount Tools

Everyone loves to get a great bargain. Your website should have an easily manageable system in place to allow you to create sales and discount codes for your customers. Whether you want to offer a limited time sale, a one time savings for returning customers or a percentage off, this should be easy for you to set the parameters. 

Suggested Pages and Related Products

People love to browse and share what they find. A lot of times, people are out to buy something but do not know what they want to buy. That’s where your website can come in handy for them. Make it easy for them to find products they may be looking for, even if they do not know they’re looking. When users search for specific products they want, predictive text makes it easy by auto-filling search bar suggestions. It can also focus on promotional or seasonal items. If you incorporate social media sharing, that helps your marketing as well when users share it with their friends. 

Product Filtering

Allow your customers to sort through your products by price, popularity or relevance. They can hone in on items they really want to see at this point. A quick preview function allows them so they have less clicks on your site. 

Reporting Tools

Without analyzing customer behavior, you cannot improve your website and goals. We give you reports on your sales so you can see what your users are looking at and purchasing. This will allow you to refocus your product marketing strategy. 

Email Marketing Integration

By building an email newsletter, this will help you maintain constant contact with your customers. You can let them know about specials or sales you have going on. This also keeps them remembering your website and your brand.

Multiple Payment & Shipping Options

In order for any eCommerce/mCommerce website  to succeed, you need to give your shoppers confidence with your payment and shipping process. You should offer a variety of secure payment options such as not only all major credit cards, but wallet services as well such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, etc. You should also have an SSL certificate that’s valid on your website, showing that they are using a secure connection. Also they should be able to calculate shipping costs directly from their shopping cart. They should also have shipping options, in case they want their item(s) right away rather than having to wait. You should also provide your customer with tracking information so they will feel at ease knowing their product can be tracked. 

How different generations shop

Millenials (1980-1994)

Online 67%
In-Store 33%

Generation X (1965-1979)

Online 56%
In-Store 44%

Baby Boomers (1944-1964)

Online 41%
In-Store 59%

Seniors (1963 and before)

Online 28%
In-Store 72%

Other shopping habits

Source: BigCommerce

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