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  • 1

    Responsive Web Design

  • 2

    Usability and Competition Analysis

  • 3

    Information and Architecture Design

  • 4

    eCommerce & mCommerce

  • 5

    Scheduling Solutions

  • 6

    User Experience Design (UI/UX)

  • 7

    Website Content Strategy

  • 8

    Full Service Installation & Setup

  • 9

    Any API Integration

  • 10

    Restaurant Online Ordering

  • 11

    CMS Integration

  • 12

    Cross-Browser Platform Testing

  • 13

    Ongoing Maintenance & Support

  • 14

    Intra-Office Solutions

  • 15

    Point of Sale Solutions

  • 16

    Theme Installations

  • 17

    Custom Designed Themes

  • 18

    WordPress SEO

  • 19

    Content Development

  • 20

    Website Security

  • 21

    Premium Plugin Development

  • 22

    WordPress Hosting Transfers

  • 23

    DMARC Certifications

  • 24

    SSL Certificate Installation

  • 25

    WCAG 2.1 Compliance

  • 26

    Social Media Management (SMO)

  • 27

    Website & Email Hosting

  • 28

    Database Design & Integration


WordPress is the largest and most popular CMS system in the world in terms of web development and blogging. The Content Management System, or CMS for short, is an application that allows users to publish, edit or delete content as well as maintenance of the website from a central interface. WordPress is open source and available for free. It’s written in the PHP programming language and uses a MySQL database. 

We prefer to develop our content on WordPress because of it’s ease of use for our end clients, plus of how powerful the open source software is. 


  • Easy to use CMS

    WordPress is highly regarded is the easiest and most straightforward platforms to use, making it very easy for you to use to manage your website on a daily basis. The ease of use gives you more freedom to focus on the content of your site rather than the technical aspects of it. No prior coding experience is required to manage or modify the content on your site on the CMS.

  • Highly Customizable

    Each page of your site will be built in close collaboration with you to fit your unique brand. Our developers will work with you and your staff to create a web experience that highlights your personality and ensure your customers will quickly identify with your company. WE are a full service digital agency that will help you customize your user experience in the way your market will respond to.

  • SEO Friendly

    The way WordPress is coded, it is streamlined and easily indexed by all major search engines. This makes adding new content and getting ranked by search engines quick and easy. Every page of your website will be optimized with tags, meta descriptions and more to target specific phrases and words for search results.

  • Brand Exposure

    WordPress makes it very simple for you to create and share content, giving you a platform for discussion with your clientele with your blogs and comment sections on your website. This open dialogue can increase traffic on your website and in turn will increase your brand reputation in the industry.

  • Mobile-ready Responsive Design

    With your digital marketing strategy, a mobile optimized website should be a key focus for you. Having a mobile-ready website puts your business at the fingertips of everyone on their phones as they commute, travel, or at home in their recliner. WordPress's responsive design adapts your website to whatever screen it's being viewed on, including both Android and iOS, which gives you the flexibility to develop a website that isn't mobile specific while still reaching the largest audience possible.

Types of WordPress Websites

Content Development Services

WordPress Upgrade & Maintenance

Design & Development Services

WordPress Plugin & Interactive Components Integration Service


There are some key components to website development and design that we focus on to ensure your website is getting the most out of the UI/UX concept.


Appearance is the first thing we work on. We believe that your website is the front end, store front of your digital presence and it should be a great first impression. We ensure the theme, style, color scheme, visual elements and content presentation are giving that great first impression. We use design elements that are both static and dynamic like optimized images and other multimedia. We also ensure that your website is responsive so that the aesthetics are consistent across all screen sizes. 


One of the main things that can make or break a users experience on a website, is the navigational function. We build a simple but intuitive navigational structure to ensure the best experience for your end user. You can select according to your needs whether you want to utilize a breadcrumb trail for your users, mega menus, expandable menus, or hamburger menus for mobile users. 


Your want to keep users on your website and keep them moving along within your sites content. With the help of intuitive directional cues, eye-catching elements, call to action buttons and offers, you can direct your users to perform specific tasks without making them get sidetracked or loosing their attention. 

Other services we offer include but are not limited to

Custom Branded Design

Responsive Web Design

SEO Services

Individual Page Design

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