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We offer support & maintenance on all of our projects

Website Support

We are here to support you along your journey of implementing and growing your website for years to come. We offer dedicated support to all of our clients. Our clients support tickets have top priority over anything that we do here at SKY6 MEDIA. 

We will also make any small updates to your site for you, at no charge. These updates must be under 10 minutes, once per month.  

Website Maintenance

While you have your website take care of the front end of things for you, let SKY6 MEDIA take care of the back end of things. We do weekly backups of your website in case something bad ever happens. We can always revert back a week. If you plan on making constant changes to your website, we can change the backup frequency to daily, or even hourly. 

We also do all core updates to your CMS as well as all plugin updates. This will ensure your website is running the latest version of all software. 

Annual Reporting

Each year, typically in January we have our development team go back through each project, individually. We take a look at every single aspect of your project and make a list of suggested changes, and send to you. This will help you know what needs to be updated/changed with your project to ensure it’s current.  We also do a full analytic report and send to you so you can see how your project is performing. You also have access to the analytics at any time. 

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